Teaching Goals

For my future classes, I would like to find more creative ways to encourage and get student participation. In my previous classes that I taught, I noticed that students will participate in classes more, when they have talked with me before, such as discussing a film before class starts. I have also noticed that if I share with students the things that I am doing in the professional field, they tend to talk with me more.

I would also like to bring in professionals from the field to talk with students, preferably one for each class. In undergraduate classes that I have taken, I have noticed that students lose interest when too many guest speakers are brought in. I would need to make connections with professionals in the town where I would be working. I also plan to try and make local connections that will allow me to bring students to professional workplaces and tour their buildings (e.g. newspapers, television stations, production houses). Depending on the class, I would like to add into the syllabus a day to bring in equipment and other objects for students to examine (e.g. cameras, film stock, etc).

In the future, I would like to design a course focusing on films from the 1950s. I would also like to create a balance of film studies and film production class lectures in film courses.